Think Happy, Be Happy

February, the month of Love

Well I don’t want to sound too philosophical, this post is just an attempt to spread some positivity and good vibes around by focusing on the good energies and starting a new month fully motivated.

I have always stuck to keeping the content on the blog related to fashion and beauty only, not mixing it up with any personal details or unnecessary rants. But after my little stint earlier this month where I spoke about a few guidelines I have decided to follow in the upcoming year, I thought of keeping you guys updated on how I was going about it.

Well I started my year with the motto Dream Big, Fly High and realised it takes a lot more to constantly stay on the path. Persistence is what matters the most and along with that some small steps.

One of the steps to achieve this goal would be surrounding yourself with as much positivity as possible. When you are living in such a competitive world its bound that you are constantly comparing yourself to others and wondering how and why the opposite person is in a better place than you. Such thoughts do nothing but bring us down and at such times only positive thoughts can bring you out of your slumber.

“Think Happy, Be Happy”

Thinking happy does not mean that one has to feel happy every moment of every day or being constantly in search of something that makes one happy. The point is to get rid of all negative or self-deprecating thoughts.

Being Happy does not mean running around town at your bubbly best and paste a smile on your face for the entire day, that’s practically impossible. Its more about being connected to your inner self, the universe or a higher spiritual being which helps you nurture your soul.

So this is my motto of the month and I’ll try my best to achieve it. Let me know how you are going about with your new year goals / resolutions.

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