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Things To Do At Home During Quarantine/Lockdown

Remaining inside is a good way to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus. While in quarantine/lockdown for more than 15 days now. I have put a new routine in place very different from what my routine used to be.

Home chores right from cooking to cleaning take up a big chunk of our day. My husband and I, have distributed the chores among us equally.

Other than this depending on how much time you have on your hands after managing your home, managing you home and kids. Here’s a list of things you can do during this downtime to make most of this slower lifestyle.

Workout / Yoga

A good yoga / workout session can really have a positive impact on your mind, body and soul. This activity will help you stay healthy and help you keep your spirits up.

Eat Healthy

Follow a healthy Diet – Staying indoor can take a toll on your eating habits hence taking care if your skin is important. Include fresh juices, smoothies and detox teas in your routine


Try your hand at Baking – Yes we have very much perfected our makeup baking skills but with the quarantine and lockdowns all patisseries are closed. To satiate your sweet cravings look up some really easy recipes or just make sure to get a ready cake mix on your next grocery run.

Bring out that Masterchef in you

Look up online for easy recipes to cook. I love trying out new salads and also made a really simple chocolate ice cream.

SelfCare & Skincare

If you have always found yourself amidst busy schedules, neglecting you skin then now is the time to treat yourself to a 10-step skin care routine.

Netflix & Chill, or be it Amazon Prime or Hotstar-Disney

Get organized, deep clean – A wardrobe cleaning session can be really therapeutic – after you are done with wardrobe cleaning start  cleaning other parts of you home

Read books, novels – if you are unable to purchase or order hard copies , download digital versions on your phone. Check out website like which are providing free access to their e-books collection.

Learning Opportunities – Learn something new and build your skills – a new language, or anything that interests you. Check out

Mental Health – Anxiety is a normal reaction to uncertainty. If the current situation is causing anxiety try out a few things like speaking to a family member or friend, talk to your therapist, meditation, stay informed but don’t constantly keep checking social media for covid updates.

Write – Write a journal, we are feeling so many emotions simultaneously and collectively. Vent out you feelings, pour out the thoughts which come to your mind, if you find yourself being more creative write shirt stories, poems, blogs.

Knit or crochet.

Sleep – Most of us are leading a really busy life and are sleep deprived. Now that you are working from home enjoy a little sleep.

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