The most Instagrammable spots in a city is a series I started after my Hong Kong Travel. This post is for all my fellow bloggers and instagrammers who are always on the lookout to Instagram the grandest structures and cutest corners.

Keep reading to find out which places should be on your must visit list and also a few tips which can help you gets these perfect shots.

City Palace

Every corner of the City Palace is Instagram worthy from the many Mahals in it to the artistic doorways every corner has a unique story to tell. This is one place where you get to experience royalty in its grandeur.

Hawa Mahal

An extremely popular location among tourists, the Hawa Mahal is actually a part of the City palace and sits on its edge. It was mostly used like a viewing gallery by the queen and other royal ladies. This grand mahal with windows called jharokhas are painted in beautiful pink color and decorated with intricate latticework. Best way to view the Hawa Mahal is from a cafe opposite to it called Wind View Cafe

Amer or Amber Fort

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Amer Fort is located about 11 kms from Jaipur. This spectacular palace was built in the 15-16th century. Here you will get to experience the biggest courtyards, grandest Sheesh Mahal (mirror palace). What you see in the picture above is called Ganesh Pol, or the Ganesh Gate, is also the most important in the fort as entry through this gate was exclusive to the Kings and their families.

This shot has been our most challenging one as this place is always bustling with tourists and it is impossible to find the entire frame empty. We got a window of only 9-10 seconds to click this one.

One of the ways to reach up to the fort is on elephant rides. The tourist guides usually recommend this but I advise you to avoid riding on elephants. We did not take the elephantWe do not support elephant rides and it is easily possible to ride up to the fort in a car or jeeps

Patrika Gate

The 9th gate of Jaipur this gate is the newest addition  to the eight original gates of the city. A beautiful pink & gold structure, the interior of this gate is as beautiful as the exterior. We stopped at this place on our way to the hotel from the airport, luckily it wasn’t crowded that day. This gate is far from the city centre but closer to the airport and is crowded during the day so plan your visit accordingly.

Caffe Palladio/Bar Palladio

The chicest Cafe in Jaipur, these two restaurants are undoubtedly the most Instagrammed cafes in Jaipur.

Panna Meena Ka Kund

Panna Meena ka Kund, an eight storey stepwell located near Amer fort is a popular location among photographers and of course Instagrammers due to it’s amazing architectural design. We visited this place on our way to Amer fort.

Palace & Boutique Hotels –

Royal Palaces and Havelis are those hidden gems where half of the beauty of this city lies. With beautiful larger than life Fresco paintings , grand Sheesh Mahals, planning a stay in a picturesque Palace hotel is best way to luxuriously experience the royal life.

Among other places which you can visit if you have an extended stay in Jaipur are Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Albert Museum and Hall.

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