Paris certainly has everyone’s heart. City of love, city of lights, Paris is one such destination which is almost on every wanderluster’s list. The one thing everyone does to take a part of every place they visit with them is make wonderful memories and capture them in beautiful pictures.

But what is a travel shot if it doesn’t have a beautiful backdrop. Keep on reading to find out where you can get those perfect dreamy Parisian travel pictures.


1.The Eiffel Tower

I don’t even need to mention this location, but what’s trending now is unique ways of capturing the Eiffel tower in the backdrop. This shot is taken from Trocadero gardens.

2.Tuileries Garden

Paris is know for its massive gardens which are beautifully designed and with the symmetrical trees give the most wonderful pictures.

3.Palais Royale

4.Arc de Triomphe


One of those places where you can get free rooftop views of Paris. Just head to the top floor of Galeries Lafayette.

6.Parisian Cafes

The one thing which you will see on every travel instagrammers profile is pictures of these cute and cozy cafe which you will find around every street in Paris.


One of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Paris, winding narrow cobbled streets, historic vibes and artistic heritage. Historical monuments and pretty cafes, Montmartre is such a picturesque place.

8.Pont Alexandre

Of the many bridges on Seine River the most popular are Pont Alexandre III for it’s beautiful architecture and Pont Des Arts for being the love lock bridge, which doesn’t have any locks now since they were removed.

9.Laduree Cafe

10.Opera Garnier

11. Louvre

This one should be on the top of your list, but here it features last because we actually spent lot of time at and around Louvre on the last day of our vist.

Paris is such a beautiful city and has so many beautiful locations it’s impossible to cover everything in one trip or an article. These are the locations we could cover in the 4 days that we were in Paris.

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