Wedding season is already in full swing and every bridal outfit is incomplete without the exquisite touch of stunning jewellery. Bridal jewellery is integral any wedding as it has a lot of traditions and emotions attached to it. Recently I got to experience the opulence of exquisite handcrafted bridal jadau jewellery with  Raniwala 1881, at their experiential space in Jaipur.We spent the day understanding the richness of this craft, its legacy and how effortlessly they are connecting the millennials and the new generation to our rich culture and heritage.

When one thinks of Morocco, the fascinating patchwork of nomadic tribes, ancient Kingdoms, vibrant colours and bustling spice markets is what comes to mind. Inspired by the region’s historical symbols, art, architecture and native flora, Zahira – meaning ‘luminous’ – is a unique handcrafted collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.
Inspired by traditional zellige tiles, ornamental domes and ogees, each jewel is a bold play on geometric shapes and traditional Moroccan colours in Raniwala’s signature flat-cut polki diamonds, gold jadau and delicate meenakaari work.

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