Tshirt – BALMAIN | Pants – Zara | Sandals – Hermes | Bag – BOYY | Sunglasses – Saint Laurent

On some busy mornings when you just want to grab something easy and head out. Some days when you want to wear something as comfortable as a tshirt at the same time want to have a dressed up appearance.

Enter – The wide leg trousers and tshirt combo, insanely comfortable and chic at the same time.

Every style aficionado be it a fashion blogger, stylist or any fashion lover will always have an ace up their sleeve to adding that extra spice to their look. Those simple tips and tricks which they rely on to instantly amp up their look.

Be it opting for bold combos like pairing dresses with pants or smaller details like tucking in shirts, belting that blazer, knotting up tees or mixing neutral hues.

These are just a few pointers to refine your style. Always remember “Style is about the whole package – who you are as a person – how you dress, move, talk and behave.”

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