Top – Urban Outfitters | Pants – Zara | Shoes – Chanel | Bag – Prada | Sunglasses – Louis Vuitton

Day 1 in Barcelona started on a really confusing note for us. For we have always been hearing stories on how lively this city is always filled with tourists. Not only were all shops shut, there was hardly any traffic on the roads which made us realise that it was probably some holiday. We do always check for public holidays before travelling to any place but I just don’t know how I missed this one.

A quick google search and we came to know that it was La Noche de San Juan: The Night of Fire. San Juan is a festival celebrated on June 23rd, a magical night that welcomes the summer season. In Catalunya a great deal of emphasis is placed on the Summer Solstice – the shortest night of the year. The next day is a public holiday in Barcelona. So if you are going to be there only for 2 days than you might want to skip these days. As we were there for 4 days this actually turned out to be a boon for us as we visited many tourist locations and as a result of this holiday they were less crowded.

The day might have been quiet but in the evening the streets were very lively in La Rambla area where our hotel was. So here’s my outfit from Day one, very comfy and brezzy I relied a lot on flats and small heels for this vacay as most places have cobbled streets. Knot top with culottes, accessorizing with layered necklaces and a sling bag to complete my look.

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