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Skincare Edit : GOOP GLOW Glycolic Acid Peel Review

GOOP GLOW Glycolic Acid Peel Review

Goop beauty is a clean beauty brand created by actress Gwyneth Paltrow that means no harmful ingredients, no parabens, no artificial dyes, no fragrances, and no cruelty.

Glycolic acid, an AHA, can be a skin savior especially for those with oily or acne prone skin. I got this peel pad as gift in a Cult Beauty order.

Gwyneth Paltrow mentions on her website ” While I loved the results from my dermatologist’s peel, I found myself doing it less and less. The new GOOPGLOW peel was born out of my missing those results and wishing there were something I could do in my not so many minutes of me time at the end of the day that could make a real difference in the way my skin looked the next morning. I wanted something that could be done at home and was easy to use—something that fit right into your nighttime routine. Most of all, it had to give really powerful results.”

goop’s GOOPGLOW glycolic acid peel contains a powerful 15% concentration currently I am using the Inkey List Glycolic Acid Toner which is 10%.

The Goop one is formulated with a powerful level (15%) of glycolic acid and potent fruit extracts (mango, banana, yellow mombin, and Australian kakadu plum) while THE INKEY LIST’s Glycolic Acid Toner is enriched with 10% glycolic acid derived from sugar cane and is accompanied by 5% witch hazel.

The foil packet contains one pad which is a circular face wipe that is textured on one side to help exfoliate and smooth on the other to sweep the serum over the skin. There as no added fragrance hence whatever fragrance comes out of the pads is of it natural ingredients and I found the fragrance quite similar to The ordinary AHA BHA peeling solution.

What I liked about these peel pads is that there was plenty of serum for application enough for my face, neck, and back. Whenever your are using such pads don’t just apply them on your face use it on your neck, and back also to make most of them and avoid any wastage. Upon application I experienced a slight tingling sensation which is ok if your skin is used to AHAs and other peeling acids.

To test how effective these glow pads are I applied it in my night routine and I did not pair it with any other of my skincare products. The next morning my skin felt brighter and more radiant and smooth almost like I had got a facial done. I am guessing with consistent use these might help lighten marks and blemishes.

I love the glow pads, the concentration is quite good, you get 15% Glycolic Acid and its an absolute wonderful product. The only downside I feel is these are on the expensive side. For glycolic acid to show results you need to use it consistently and I prefer my glycolic acid in the form of a toner.

Overall it’s an amazing product and if the price point is not an issue for you then you can surely try this.

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