How to find your Signature Makeup Look

A  signature makeup look is the key representation of your personal style.

Be it a smokey or heavily kohled style.

A beautiful bold pout can be your signature

Neutral hues with clean lines

Or bare minimum makeup

Developing a signature make up look is a an individual process just like defining your own personal style. Your signature makeup look is ofcourse going to change with age, will change with changes in your features and skin over the years.

Now why is a signature look so important. Having a signature look shows a considerable amount of self-knowledge – who you are, what are your preferences,  and that you have knowledge of what suits you. This confidence and authenticity, defines your personality. A signature look enhances what you are trying to express through your look and leaves a powerful impression.

Developing your signature makeup look will ofcourse depend on a couple of factors such as how much time you can spend on your routine, what is your work environment, corporates environments call for subtle makeup while some workplaces don’t call for any restrictions.

If you are doing this routine everyday then I suggest you figure out and narrow down the products which work perfectly for you. If you  haven’t figured out you signature makeup look then follow the three steps as a guide to defining your look.

  1. Personal style – What is your personal style .
  2. Which feautures of your face you want to be noticed the most.
  3. A colour palette which works with your skin tone.

While this is an indepth routine something I would opt for events. At times when not required I tone it down by skipping the eye makeup and contour routine. To see how I achieve my signature makeup look watch this IGTV looked below.

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