Denim Jacket, Tshirt – Zara | Pants – Topshop | Shoes – Dolce & Gabbana | Bag – Louis Vuitton | Frames – Dior

Shoreditch, the most creative, offbeat, quirky and trendy area of London on its east end. As we only had a few hours in hand to explore Shoreditch we decided to make most of it and headed to the most popular places.

1.) Street Art at Chance Street

If I were to post a picture of every street art I came across in Shoreditch then this would have been a really really long post. Hence I am sharing only the ones we came across on Chance street. Shoreditch has the best street art in London, possibly in the entire world. Walls entirely covered with vibrant colours are a sight to see and a photography heaven.

2.) Brick Lane

Situated in the heart of Shoreditch, Brick Lane is home to most sought after vintage shops, antique stores, cool cafes and some more street art.

3.) Cereal Killer Cafe

For those who don’t know Cereal Killer cafe is a cafe that sells cereals and only cereals. Think of a cereal and they have it. Cereals in a bowl, cereal cocktails, maltshakes. The server recommended us that we try maltshakes as they are know to be pretty dope.

We tried the mint chocolate maltshake.

4.) Box Park

Box park an innovative concept, a pop up shopping mall built entirely from repurposed shipping containers. With some shopping you can also enjoy craft beers, delicious cocktails and some of the best street food including the incredible vegan stuff all in one place.

Given the amount of time we had we could visit only these many places but incase you have full or even half a day I would recommend exploring Old Spitalfields Market, Columbia Flower Market, also the nightlife.

There are so many places to visit in London other than just Oxford/Regent Street, Piccadilly and Westminster. To enjoy the true flavour of London visiting places like Camden, Shoreditch, Kensington, Notting Hill will surely make your trip more memorable.

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