For us style conscious girls only good clothes are not enough .We also need stylish bags that compliment our outfits.
Here is my list of Basic 5 must have bags in your style arsenal
Everyday everywhere bag 
Your everyday and everywhere bag should be one which you can carry of with anything and everything.This black doctor bag of mine is one such bag which looks good with everything.I have styled it twice,once with denim (here) and second with a dress (here).The colour of the bag being black is one of the reasons it gels so well with many outfits.One thing to keep in mind while choosing a everyday bag is pick up a bag in neutral colours.


Tote has come a long way since being just a beach bag,totes are no longer those boring canvas or cloth bags.Totes(here) are widely available in multiple sizes,colours,fabrics and designs.This bag will have room to store all your personal stuff.This bag is good enough to accompany you to your college to fit all your assignments and journals,for your shopping trips ,travel…etc..
Crossbody bag


The bag in this picture is called a Saddle bag (here).A crossbody bag is not only supposed to be worn across your chest.It looks great as a shoulder bag too.A crossbody bag looks good with almost everything from your casual jeans,skirts to those cute summer dresses.
Satchel bag


Now this satchel bag (here) may look very small to pass as an essential but it has enough room to fit your important stuff.Plus to suit your needs these are available in different sizes.


A clutch is handy,stylish and functional at the same time.
These bags are available in numerous varities oversized(here),mini,envelope,glittery,  sequined,metallics.etc.
These oversized clutches can be your daytime companions and those sequined ones for your evening looks.

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