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Skincare should always be an important part of one’s daily routine. What we eat, drink affects our skin and also what we feed our skin from the outside plays an important role in how our skin feels. A lot of TLC goes into keeping the skin healthy and nourished.

REXALINE, known for its innovative formulation like Rexaline complex and DWK Complex offer a unique line of skincare, anti ageing products. They recently sent over for me to review three of their bestselling products from the Premium Line Killer range.

Most of us are not aware of this but the early you start use of eye creams the better. The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive and requires more attention.
Rexaline X-treme Corrector Anti-Aging Expert Eye Car, has a light texture with a pearlized, emulsified gel enriched with specific active ingredients to treat the eye area is seen to reduce puffiness and dark circles. With regular usage their tests have proved to reduce wrinkles. You can read more info about this product by clicking here


As Rexaline is known for their innovation formulation, the X-treme Face Sculpt is another unique product from their range with 2 exclusive formulas in one product.
Two exclusive complexes present in both formulas :
– The « DWK Complex », a combination of anti-wrinkle and firmness ingredients targets the cells responsible for skin aging.
– The Rexaline Complex, with its twofold moisturizing effect, on the surface and deep down, replumps and restores skin density.

Gold, a treasure of beauty and has been used since ancient times to help preserve the glow and radiance. This Mask concentrates the power of gold in an exceptional formula to regenerate and repair tissues damaged by skin aging. It benefits from the exceptional power of 24 Karat Gold to regenerate and strengthen the skin in loss of skin tone.

It also has a subtle fragrance of ancient rose, lily and  sandalwood in the background.

All the products of the Rexaline Premium range are formulated by their
laboratories using

– Rexaline Complex: A Hyaluronic Acid duo for a double on-surface
and in-depth moisturizing effect
– DWK Complex: targets deep wrinkles and stimulates the synthesis of the
skin support protein (Collagen and Elastin)
– Pure 24 Karats Gold: anti-oxidant, anti-aging, luminosity
Tourmaline and Pearl powder: regenerating and radiance
Gatuline in-tense: redefines the facial contours

Check out their page for more information on the products CLICK HERE

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