How to Dress like a Parisian

Sweater – Zara | Skirt – Zara | Boots – Stradivarius | Belt – Zara | Bag – Dior | Sunglasses – Dior

There has always been this curiosity towards Parisian style. Woman around the world for years have tried to emulate this effortless and distinctive style. Lets put the stereotypes aside and not on the mention of Parisian style, bring out the beret and ballet flats.

From what I have researched and understood, not only reading articles on this topic but also actually observing Parisian women on my few visits to Paris. Parisian style is about creating your signature look and tweaking it with trends as per preferences.

There is certainly no rulebook to it but there are also a few more aspects of effortless Parisian style. Neutral hues, Silhouettes which are flattering, tailored pieces, the less is more approach.

This is what I wore for a romantic date with my husband while we were in Paris. A few people also complimented me on my outfit which makes me feel I did ace the Parisian style I guess.

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