Top – Zara | Skirt – H&M | Bag – Louis Vuitton | Belt – Gucci | Shoes – Zara

Ever wondered while going through your favourite fashion bloggers page and wonder how do they always get it right ? How do they always manage to create an electic mix ?

It’s all about small styling tricks. The three piece rule, mixing prints are a couple of styling tips you might have heard about. Mixing Textures – paring together pieces in different fabrics and textures to create an unexpected mix.

But this trick is easier said than done, Pairing pieces with different textures yet making it look as they belong together is quite a task. For this look I paired a faux leather skirt with fuzzy knit top using hues in the same family.

Keeping the hues monochrome and adding accessories in a neutral shade only I completed the look with my new found vintage sunglasses.

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