Nourish Your Soul

If it doesn’t nourish your soul, Get rid of it

Heyy guys !! Hope you had a great month. That one went pretty fast, it’s the start of a new month and time for my monthly dose of positivity.

You might see me always talking about good vibes and how important it is to have a positive approach towards everything single thing that comes your way. This not only helps you on the outside but also helps to nourish your soul. But only positive thoughts are not enough. There have to be positive feelings and positive actions.

When I talk about nourishing your soul I don’t want to get into all the deep spiritual stuff we will save that for another time.

When you are passionate about your work and put your heart and soul into it then you would also want to nourish it.

If you love what you do basically love your work then of course it will always help nourish your soul. At the same time you need to take some time off to do something that helps declutter your mind, rejuvenate, basically makes your soul happy.

It could be anything learning something new, travelling to new places, finding a spiritual connection, this is something one has to find themselves.


Seek what sets your Soul on Fire

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