Crop Top – Zara | Pants – H&M | Bag – Chanel | Belt as Strap – Off-White | Shoes – Balenciaga | Sunglasses – Gucci

The moment you hit up the internet for any fashion related advice, a plethora of articles with barge at your giving a detailed way on how to wear certain styles.

Fashion rules, do’s and don’ts, which style looks best with what. Breaking away from these cliches almost every element of this outfit breaks a norm.

The Off-White Belt – Off White, one of the most sought after streetwear brands. Who would have guessed caution tape like “weight securing system” belt would become such a rage.

The Dad Sneakers trend or better know as ugly sneakers trend, chunky shoes with double or triple soles. Balenciaga Triple S and Louis Vuitton Archlight being on the top of the most coveted sneakers list.

Pairing boxy silhouettes together
When it comes to styling boxy silhouettes, the first rule is pairing it with something fitted breaking away from that I paired wide legged trousers with a boxy crop top.

Time and again, ignore the fashion rules and clichés, experiment with your outfit and break away from the stereotypes.

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