Top,Pants – Zara | Bag – Dorothy Perkins from | Midi Rings – Aldo | Pearl Bracelet – Zara | On my nails – Maybelline Feisty Fuschia
I have this love hate relationship with rains and this year we have been waiting for monsoons with much anticipation.I do love the sweet smell of earth when the first showers hit the ground and also heavy rains but only when I am sitting at home sipping some green tea.Every time it rains I just dread getting out of the house.In monsoons for me there is no such day as a good hair day.It is quite a dilemma on how to arrive anywhere looking presentable.
During monsoons, it is better to be cautious about what outfit, make up and accessories you choose.The emphasis should be more on no fuss comfortable clothing.Adding a dose of rich vibrant colours to otherwise dull day is the way to go.Its best to wear easily drying light fabrics in monsoon.In monsoon again its difficult to wear denims and thats why I picked these light fabric blue pants for this post.Its bright to counter a dull day and the fabric is light and dries easily.Blue and black&white is a classic combination you can never go wrong with it.Monsoons bring dark gloomy days, so to cheer up your mood bring out those bold polka dots, aztec, geometric prints.Now coming to these black heels I have worn these because the look required it otherwise we cannot wear anything other than monsoon friendly footwear.
And as every year I do I am reminding myself not to stay gloomy like the weather but welcome the beautiful rains with a happy and cheerful face and also hopefully enjoy them till they last.
Keep the above tips in mind dont let the rains be a dampener and hit the monsoons in style.

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  1. Such a pretty look! Love how you paired the polka do print with the bright color!

    1. Thank you soo much Sabina

  2. Ahh you are so right about wearing bright colours during these monsoons, as much I am trying not to stay gloomy, somehow this weather manages to turn my mood sour. I love your rings and the nail polish shade. I love wearing bright lips and nails when its dark and grey outside. I love the way you paired your outfit too, polka dots are such a classic, and it looks utterly comfortable.

    Debasree // All She Needs

    1. Heyy thank you so much for the compliments Debasree. Totally agree rains do affect our moods and at such times some hot chocolate and some bright makeup/outfit are great options to cheer up.

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