JOY BY DIOR Eau de parfum intense, Perfumed deodorant and Foaming shower gel Review

Other than the JOY by Dior parfum and intense parfum Dior brings the Joy fragrance in the form of a moisturizer, shower gel, deodorant and bath soap.

Joy by Dior Eau de parfum intense


JOY by Dior, Eau de Parfum Intense is a new fragrance with a radiant burst of flowers, a joyful trail of exultant floral notes that explode with faceted beauty.
The dazzling light of juicy Citrus blends with the colourful shine of Grasse Rose and Jasmine, heightened by an enveloping woody echo of Sandalwood tinged with Vanilla.

Floral fireworks, a concentration of joy.

The fragrance is more floral than citrus. Moment after spritzing the perfume,a whiff of soft citrus and powdered notes come your way which later mature into musky florals.

Top Notes
Bergamot, Mandarin, Grasse rose, Jasmine

Heart Notes

Base notes

The bottle is simple yet classic with its striking pink hue with silver metal detailing and a heavy textured cap. This perfume to be long lasting, at least 6 hours when worn on the skin and stats longer when worn on clothes. This fragrance is effortless, soft and perfect for everyday wear.

JOY BY DIOR – Perfumed deodorant

It must be more than 6-7 years that I stopped using deodorants and have been loyal to perfumes only. Hence when I was introduced to the Joy deodrant I was really looking forward to trying this. The Joy by Dior formula is gentle and delicate and the gentle formula doesn’t irritate the skin at all. Only a little bit is enough and need not be sprayed abundantly.

The packaging is uber luxurious, White bottle with a delicate band of intertwined, silver thread like design. The cap has a magnetic closure which gives the packaging an even more luxurious feel.

JOY BY DIOR Foaming shower gel

Shower gels have always been a debatable topic as most shower gels claim their fragrance last more that 4 hours but there is hardly any truth to it. So when I was introduced to a shower gel by Dior I certainly had high expectations. Joy by Dior fragrance in the form of a shower gel I feel is more on the floral side which gives that perfect feeling of freshness, an instant wake me up.

I would highly recommend using a loofah for application if you want to the most out of the shower gel. Every time my loofah produced more lather the fragrance intensified. The fragrance does last on the skin for more than 5 hours.

If you are an ardent fan of the JOY fragrance then I will recommend you to try the entire collection. I tried these three products together and was enveloped by the JOY fragrance for the entire day and I feel adding the moisturiser would have intensified the fragrance and this envelope of JOY would have lasted on me even longer.


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