Bright,vivid,reflective,eyecatching colors Hot pink,Tangerine, citron yellow and lime green shades seem to be everywhere this season.If you are color shy this trend could be very intimidating hence the tagline Never Ever Overdo Neon.
There are ample ways to incorporate neon in your outfit
The most easiest way to sport neon is through accessories.Neon jewellery,hair accessories, sunglasses, bags, belts, shoes are easy and subtle ways to incorporate neon in your outfits.Start with small neon earings or series of bangles with that watch.
Pairing neon with neutrals you can never go wrong.Mixing with neutrals will tone down the outfit.This mix of colors will help each other as the neutral color will prevent you from going over the top and the neon item will spice up an otherwise boring outfit.
Check if the outfit fits you well. Since neon colors are extremely bold and eye-catching, they tend to make anyone look larger than they are. If you have a pear figure, use the neon colors for your top part. For apple shaped bodies feel free to use neon bottoms. If you have an ideal body shape with proper curves and slim legs, then wear neon on whichever zone you like.
A small chart to guide you on how to pair neon


A supercharged pink lip is a great way to go neon in makeup.Pair it with a touch of black eyeliner and very light foundation.
A subtle streak of neon liner paired with a clean face can add a fun pop of color to your look. Try applying a fine line of electric blue, green or purple liner in a cat-eye style.
A neon manicure will go very well with a neutral outfit.bright corals,Oranges and Pinks are very wearable.

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