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Europe is our favourite travel destination and after seeing rushes of Lisbon in a certain movie it was top on my travel list. Living in India and visiting Goa quite a few times, Portuguese culture is not new to us. What intrigued me the most about one of the world’s oldest cities was the beauty of this place I saw in pictures.

Honestly my expectations were shattered when we reached Lisbon. This probably has been the shadiest European city we have visited. The architecture is impeccably beautiful but the alleyways in old town we found somewhat not so welcoming. Lisbon has more of what I would say shabby-chic glamour. The city’s many viewpoints or miradouros, are perfect spots to hang out sipping some wine or beer with a view.

If you are considering staying in old town Alfama, which is basically built on hills I guess and hence accessibility is an issue, the slopes are never ending, beware as cabbies will refuse to drop you right outside your hotel and you will have to drag your 4 suitcases up and down the slope yourself. So I guess staying in Baixa and Chiado should be the right choice. Baixa area is the shopping center of Lisbon.

But it’s not about just these minor hiccups we have seen worst issues while travelling, that’s a part and parcel. Its about the entire vibe. Maybe if we stayed in a different part we would have seen a different Lisbon.

The hotel we were staying in was quite the saviour, Hotel Convento De Salvador and one of the reasons we decided to stay in Alfama. Rossio is the another preferred area for visitors, because of its closeness to all the landmarks and highlights of the city.

Alfama, a unique neighborhood where you’ll be able to enjoy traditional restaurants. Fado is popular here, and in practically every restaurant, one can expect to hear Fado. Cobblestones and slopes is what you will have to walk on so make sure to wear your comfortable shoes if you are planning a walking tour. Catch Tram no. 28 to visit the historical sites. Be sure to buy your ticket from the driver when you jump on.

Pick pocketeers are a nuisance in Lisbon, they are everywhere major tourist locations, trams. We have also heard and read of instances where they trick you into talking to them on some pretext and end up robbing you.

There are couple of Day trips which can be easily taken from Lisbon. We took day trip to Sintra and Caiscas, and visited Cabo Da Roca, Boca de Inferno and Belem on our way back. We had booked a luxury tour with a local agency and our entire trip was comfortable and fun.

For a list of Touristy and most Instagram worthy places in Lisbon click here

How to get to Lisbon from India – There are no direct flights to Lisbon we opted for Emirates Airlines with layover in Dubai.

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