Crop top – Zara | Maxi Skirt – (Buy here) | Hat – Forever21 | Bag – Accessorize | Sandals – Zara
I have been longing to do a maxi skirt outfit on the blog again.One can never get enough of maxi skirts.Even though I wear lots of maxi skirts and dresses during summers this year as you have seen I have been more diverted towards loose comfortable pants.
Wear it on those relaxing holidays for those beach escapes these skirts reminds one of comfort and ease.There are so many different ways to style when it comes to maxi skirt.This look can be transitioned from day to night and from seasons to seasons.I have spoken here at lengths about the immense versatility of this skirt.
I have previously done a flowy pleated maxi skirt outfit in a neutral colour and hence I decided to go for a tube shaped skirt in pink.I have added a printed top and a beautiful hat.Lately I have been struck by the colour pink.I have been wearing lots of pinks lately.Yes as it was not enough in lipsticks and makeup this obsession with pink has now transferred to clothes also.I have worn a pleated pink skirt in a previous post Colourburst and now again pink a different shade though more on the lighter or pastel side.This thing happens to me at timely intervals I get stuck on one particular thing it can be a particular colour or clothing or a pair of shoes.Its like when you listen to a particular song and its the only song you want to listen for days till you get it out of your system.
Well you can treat this as a farewell post to summers soon monsoon will be arriving with pleasant showers.In other news Styllogue completed one year and I am very elated about the blog becoming a year old.I will be writing a proper anniversary post soon.

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  1. Love the look! The bright pink looks lovely on you <3

    Style Spectrum

  2. U carry different outfits so well.Not evryone can carry a hat with such the outfit.

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