Dream Big,Fly High

All set with a fresh start to welcome a new year, create magic and determined to reach for the stars.

I am not a big fan of making resolutions, as easy they are to make, even more easy to break.
Rather than working on anything temporary or superficially it’s always better to work at the root or core. Cause if your core or ground work is strong it will reflect through everything in your life. I have a few guidelines which I try to follow as much as I can and sharing the same with you all here.

Think Positive , Stay Positive

One of the most repeated cliched quote, but the most important and significant of all. It’s all about the vibes. The vibes and energies you send to the universe is what comes back to you. Over thinking and talking about our problems is an addiction. Break this Habit in the upcoming year.

Be an Encourager

Be a kind of person who not only encourages people around them or those whom they meet digitally. Encourage yourself, Believe in yourself and love yourself.  Take inspiration from your idols or digital personalities you follow and don’t judge your life looking at anyone’s perfectly curated digital feeds.


Maintain a balance in your life, be it work – personal life balance or online – offline life balance.

New Experiences 

Travel to make memories & enrich your soul, not to watch and only click but to explore and learn. Read a new book, learn and execute a new recipe, take up those lessons you always wanted to. Do something which enriches your Soul.

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