Its been really long since I did a currently loving post. So here I am sharing with you guys few things that I am drawn to these days.

The Red Team


Now this is one object which will be consistently seen in my currently loving list. If you have observed in my recent posts I have been wearing Red lipcolor a lot. When matched smartly red lipcolor can be worn with many outfits. Many times I am asked how I carry such a bold color like red so effortlessly. According to me as much as it is important how confidently you carry it, it is equally important choosing the right colour according to your skintone. I came across a few quotes about red lipstick on Pinterest which I found pretty amusing.One of the quote was as follows

“Women who can wear Red lipstick casually and pull it off are the most dangerous kinds of people ”

Leopard Prints


If you follow me on Instagram you must know by now how head over heels I am with leopard print footwear. These Steve Madden pointed bellies are my current obsession. You will find me wearing these in almost every recent OOTD. The reason it makes it to my currently loving list is the versatility of the print, also which happens to be fall favourite print and the pointed toe which gives a uber stylish look to the outfit as compared to their rounded toe counterparts.

Tech Accessories

Harman Kardon headphones


I was introduced these headphones by a friend of mine (Read ‘tech guru’ ) and since then I am hooked to these. The sleek and elegant design is very impressive, the sound quality is great and excellent noise-isolation.

Masaba Lite Iphone 5s cover


A much needed makeover for my phone. Unlike me my phone is always dressed down and is seldom spotted in such bright colours or stylish prints. This is a refreshing change and amps up the style quotient.  A great option to add the quirkiness through accessories.

Chanel No.5 Perfume


This is one of my repurchases and also one of my favourite perfumes. Chanel No. 5 also happens to be one of the most popular and best selling perfumes in the world.

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