Chanel Handbags You Won’t Regret Investing In

The CHANEL 19 bag

classic Chanel tweed piece is supremely iconic be it their tweed suits or bags.  Chanel’s passion for feminizing tweed by implementing new colors, materials, and textures to the then-underutilized fabric took the fashion world by storm. Today, tweed remains a strong part of the Chanel story as the traditional fabric has been reimagined beautifully over the years.

The FLAP bag

The BOY bag


Almost all of these are classic CHANEL designs. The Chanel 19 is on its way of becoming a classic given it was the last bag Karl Lagerfeld designer for Chanel.

If you are one of those who invests only in classic designer bags then this list is for you.

For those who expand their collection with seasonal collections a few other bags from Chanel which you can invest in other than seasonal trendy pieces is Chanel backpacks, Gabrielle bag, Deauville tote.

The Trendy CC bag is another classic which I would like to mention and my new trendy cc will soon be debuting on my blog.

The CHANEL Trendy CC Bag

One of the most classic CHANEL bags in recent times The Trendy CC bag.

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