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A Blogger’s Guide to London Fashion Week

Every time after I attend any international fashion week I get lots of messages from new or aspiring fashion bloggers and fashion students wanting to know how to get invites for fashion shows, are there any scope of collaborations, how does it all work, accreditations..etc. Now that I am a little experienced in attending international fashion weeks I thought I would share how it works.

London Fashion Week is considered one of the big four fashion weeks, alongside New York, Milan and Paris and was also the first fashion week which I attended Internationally. For this one I had received Accreditation from the British Fashion Council which was a feat in itself as I am the first blogger in India to receive official accreditation from BFC.

London Fashion Week shows, events and showcases are highly exclusive events and extremely difficult to get into if you’re not connected to the industry or media. Designers, Editors, Fashion Bloggers, Buyers can easily get access to the Fashion Week. And seeing the popularity of the event on how more and more people want to be a part of it, the BFC has taken an initiative which I will be highlighting in this article.

To begin with, Accreditation is the first thing which comes to mind when thinking about fashion week. But Accreditation Is not Necessary, there are perks to accreditation like access to the BFC Show space at Strand where the designers have small pop ups of their collections, where you can speak to the brand team know more about the collection and can even get a chance to interview the designer.

The first step is reaching out to PR persons of respective designers/brands a list of which is available on the LFW website as PRESS CONTACTS. The entire list is made available a little closer to the event. You can email them mentioning your interest in attending the show and also share your media kit.

Once you get an invite you will have to give a London post address where the invite can be delivered (if you don’t have a relative or friend staying there you can easily get it delivered to your hotel address, just put in an email to the hotel desk to receive mails in your name).

On the day of the show arrive 20 mins early at the venue, LFW shows usually start on time hence if you arrive late you will be denied entry. While accepting invitations keep in mind that show venues are scattered across the city so RSVP keeping in mind the distance between two venues.

Presentations are also a big thing so don’t skip it thinking its not a catwalk show. Presentations at Fashion Weeks are basically where there is no runway as such but more of a curated to an aesthetic experience.

For those who can’t manage invite, there is an option for individuals who are not affiliated with fashion industry or media and yet have a keen interest in British fashion or fashion in general. London Fashion Week Hub (which was previously known as London Fashion Week Festival) is open to the public, of which you can buy tickets and has two package options ‘VIP’ or ‘Standard’. Buying tickets to this gives you a 2-3 hr access to BFC Show space and also one designer show. All the details of this are available on the LFW website.

Beyond the Official Fashion Week

During London fashion Week the city is bustling with all things fashion and there are a lot of fashion shows happening around the city other than the On SCHEDULE – LONDON FASHION WEEK. These shows are Off Schedule shows hosted by other independent entities. FASHION SCOUT is one such event – Fashion Scout hosts an independent showcase for emerging and established design talent during London Fashion Week.

Don’t forget your goals, attending fashion weeks is more about a learning experience both from a creative and business aspect. Don’t concentrate only on getting spotted and photographed by streetstyle paparazzi. Also, networking is of utmost importance so always keep your business card handy.

I hope this article has given you some insight on attending Fashion Weeks and its working.

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