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Beauty Blender – Review


After back to back fashion posts, sharing with you guys my thoughts about the Beauty Blender in this post. These little beauty blender sponges are one of the most raved about make-up tools among both make up artists and bloggers. I have used BB sponge with foundation and cream blushes and it blends them seamlessly. And for the amount of time I have used it I can say the hype is certainly real. It blends foundation and concealer seamlessly over pores, acne, fine lines. Having used it with different foundations it definitely gives any foundation a flawless finish.

How to use :
The drill is pretty simple soak the sponge in water till it expands to about twice its size. Remove excess water by squeezing the sponge lightly or pressing it between a clean cloth. This is an essential step as it’s the damp sponge that gives a flawless look and if used dry the finish will definitely be different and not even close to flawless.
Cleaning the blender is quite a task as nothing other than the Blender cleanser can reinstate it to the original color. Hence I am thinking of investing in one. Usually I clean it after every use with a cleanser and a few drops of antiseptic liquid just in case it gathers any bacteria.
After prolong use one might note that there are some patches on the sponge hence to avoid any infection use little antiseptic liquid to clean it. Do not use any harsh object or your nails on the sponge as it is prone to tear easily especially when damp. Also, do note that in case of the pink blender the color tends to fade slightly with every wash.

Coming to the packaging the sponges or available individually and also in a pack of two. There a different types of BB i.e. Beauty Blender (original pink version), Beauty Blender Pro (Black version), Beauty Blender Pure (White) then there is a micro mini version and the Beauty Blender – Body Blender. The dupes might be cheaper but they are not even close to the original sponge. It can never give same results as there is a huge difference in the texture and material of the sponges. And when it comes to differences between the original and pro version I didn’t feel there is much of a difference other than the color as the brand claims they are both made from the same material.

Mostly I keep switching between my Real Techniques brush and BB sponge. I will not say it’s a must have in your kit as few good quality make-up brushes are equally good and easy to maintain having said that its a perfect tool for blending the product and can surely give it a try once.

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