Hair up dos and hair buns are hottest styles in summer.Perfect way to keep you cool in this sweltering heat and at the same time transforming your look to a chic and stylish one.Here are few simple steps with which you can easily achieve this look


Things you need :
1. Comb/Hair Brush
2. Doughnut ring/bun maker/Chignon foundation (lets call it a doughnut here)
3. Bobby pins
4. Elastic Hair ties/bands


Step 1 : Pull your hair in a tight pony tail.The position of your pony decides the position of the bun.
P.S : Place your pony little high than you actually want the bun because in the later process it might slide down a little bit.


Step 2 : Pull your hair through the centre of the doughnut ring the same way how we pull through a rubber band.
P.S : Pick a doughnut ring matching the colour of you hair.


Step 3 : Spread your hair evenly around the doughnut.To achieve a sleek look do not mess up any hair in the doughnut.
P.S : Lean forward to spread your hair evenly around the doughnut.


Step 4 : In the same leaning position secure the bun using a hair tie/elastic rubber band.This is a very important step as this will hold the bun in place.I have used a neon rubber band here just to highlight this step.Its best to used a rubber band matching the colour of your hair.
P.S : If you have someone to help you then ask that person to secure the band for you as it will save lots of time.In case you are doing it yourself like me within 2-3 tries and some adjustment you will get it.


Step 5: The remaining hair that is left pick thick strands of hair and wind them around the bun and secure it with those U shaped bobby pins like I have shown in the pic.To secure the bun you can use hairspray.I haven’t used any hair sprays, unless its necessary I do not use hair sprays.But if you want a sleek bun the you can use these sprays or styling gels.
Taa daaaa there we have a stylish Donut Bun.


All the things you need are easily available.You can find these doughnut rings easily at all Accessorize stores

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  1. Nice tutorial.U have made it so easily

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