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Are MUADDIs the Millenial’s MANOLOs

Amina Muaddi Begum Glass Transparent Sandals

The first time I was introduced to Manolos was back in 2009 by Carrie Bradshaw while watching downloaded episodes of SATC on my laptop. While I didn’t connect to the Manolos much but I did connect to Carrie’s love for shoes. And like me so many girls and women around the world will connect to this love for shoes.

Muaddi’s iconic crystal sandals were named the second hottest fashion product in the world, according to the Lyst Index ( a global fashion search engine, compiles data on the shopping behaviors) and the most popular shoe.

Muaddi’s shoes are worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, are featured all over fashion magazine and Instagram, worn by every major fashion influencer and blogger.

A geometric heel, vibrant colors and overall party-shoe aesthetic are signature traits of Muaddi’s line of shoes.

It would be wrong to compare a brand which has been around f0r more than 20 years to a brand conceived just a couple of years back. This post is no way a comparison between their designs but a comparison of the sentiment value that; have the millennial girls found their Manolos in Muaddi’s designs. We live in times of social media where trends and iconic pieces are dominated by the consumers equally as much as by celebrities. And its not just the millennials who are smitten by Muaddi’s designs.

Being a fashion fanatic Manolos do attract me since I watched one of my favourite tele characters droll over them but the millenial in me connects more to Muaddi’s style story. 

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