Acid Yellow, Lime green and fluorescent Pink – 3 Neon colors which are quite a rage now. Keep on reading to find out different ways to sport this trend.

1. Neon makeup

Starting up with my London Fashion Week look – to complement the Neon top, I created this extremely bold Neon eye makeup look using this Neon green eyeliner from NYX vivid brights range.

2. Neon Footwear

Next up, the most easiest and subtle way to sport this trend is Neon footwear. Now, bright eye catching Neon sneakers might be slightly bold but a pair of neon sandals or pumps can be a perfect way to add a dash of Neon to your look.

3. Neon Outfits

Neon in apparel can be more intimidating for many. For those who find it difficult to pull off this color can opt for pieces with just hints of these vibrant hues. For this look, I went all out by pairing this beautiful Satin neon skirt with a white shirt and statement belt.

Knit tops, tshirts, bodysuit and crop tops..etc all these styles are perfect to create a chic and edgy look.

Although this trend might have come from the runways, its sudden popularity is due to Instagram street style. Fashion Week saw almost every other fashionista sporting Neon in atleast one of their outfits.

Having said that seeing recent trends even though high street brands are pumping Neon in their collection it’s fate as a full blown trend seems to be rather bleek. Just a fling with this fad is something most fashion people are opting for as with summer coming at us in its full glory safari vibes, boho hints and conscious fabrics are something folks with turn towards soon.

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