I was more than elated when the team of India Circus approached me to try their products.I had heard a lot of wonderful things about India Circus and as the name suggests there is a dash of Indianness to everything in their collection which is full of beautiful vibrant colours.The designs are extraordinary and one of a kind.
I have seen tons of other quirky stuff before,a very few tick quirky, classy and contemporary boxes together and India Circus is just that.
Folks at India Circus were very kind rather than sending me goodies of their choice they let me pick products which I liked.And I loved the whole shopping experience the whole procedure from selecting the product to checkout was smooth and hassle free.
I picked Flower Quill Ladies Wallet and Funky Transport Spectacle Sleeve.First about the wallet, I am no fuss when it comes to wallets.As much as I can remember I have always used very simple plain solid coloured leather wallets.The beautiful pattern and the flower pattern on this one grabbed my attention and it is one piece of art I have to say.
Now coming to this funky transport spectacle/sunglasses sleeve I have been wanting a quirky printed accessory since long and this was just the right thing.
The quality of the products is really impressive.The package was delivered to me within 3 days.Both the items came nicely wrapped in a bubble wrap and also in a cute pink bag.
There are wide range of products from fashion and fashion accessories to tech accessories to home decor on India Circus website.Do check this website for some great contemporary pieces which are not easy to find.You can visit the website here.
Overall I had a great experience with India Circus and I am totally loving the products.

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  1. Both things are very cute.will chk dis website

    1. Same here.Yes they have some very cute stuff

  2. Nice wallet I will surely try this brand

    1. Thnks disha do try and let me know

  3. You should certainly they have some very stylish stuff

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